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AnĀ extra extra longĀ length squareĀ end millĀ is the longest flute length, single end, general purpose mill, where the corners are sharp and generate a 90Ā° corner.

MillsĀ are manufactured with a 30Ā° helix angle, have a primary and secondary clearance angle on the OD’s, and are centerĀ cutting. They can be used for plunging, grooving, sideĀ milling, faceĀ milling, and counter boring.

Extra long end mill size chart
Mill Diameter 5-20 mm
Number Of Flutes 4
End Type Ball Nose End
Overall Length 8-12 Inch
Material High Carbon Steel
Finishing Polished
Packaging Type Box
Hardness 40-50 HRC
Price – 150-400/- approx

Price of Set -1500-10000/- approx (depends on quality)



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Carbide Extra Long End MillĀ 

Extra longĀ carbideĀ end millsĀ provide additional reach and flute length to accommodate the most demanding carbideĀ end millĀ applications.whats the best Part, Versatile four flute center cutting tools can be used to plunge, slot or profile.Ā  The heavy core minimizes deflection and multiple cutting edges spread the cutting action over the maximum number ofĀ  teeth.Ā  Extra length makes longer cuts practical and makes difficult to reach parts accessible.

  • Machines a wide variety of materials including steel, brass, and iron
  • Large core diameter provides rigidity
  • Minimizes deflection
  • Keyway cutting, trace milling, plunge drilling and profiling

Very versatile in many milling applications. Four or more flute with an end cutting feature can be used to slot, plunge or contour. The heavy core reduces deflection and the multiple cutting edges spread the cut for maximum productivity.Ā  Extra length makes long cuts easy and hard to reach parts manageable.

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